Individual Occupational Accident Insurance

Individual Occupational Accident Insurance  

Insurance coverage for sharps injuries, blood or bodily fluid exposures, and felonious assaults


Despite advanced protective equipment and best practices, an estimated 5.6 million healthcare workers are at risk of occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens through needlesticks or exposure to blood or bodily fluids when treating patients. Nursing staff are the most frequently injured.1


Most nurses’ existing Workers’ Compensation and employer health insurance plans provide basic levels of coverage, but fall short when it comes to lost wages and coverage for HIV and Hepatitis treatment.  


In fact, Workers’ Compensation typically only pays 50-60% of an average nurse’s salary. While state-of-the-art drugs to cure Hepatitis C do exist, the costly ($1,000 per pill) treatment cycle may not be accepted by most health insurance plans.4 


Vigilance may help to fill the gap of lost income during a Workers’ Compensation claim period and provides a benefit that may also help to pay for expensive treatments. 

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Receive a lump sum benefit if you contract a covered Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV infection from a covered sharps-related, blood or bodily fluid exposure incident, as outlined in the policy.

Benefits may help to fill gaps and pay in addition to existing health insurance, disability insurance and/or Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Use the benefit in whatever way helps the most. Use it to supplement lost income, offset high limit deductibles, cover household bills or pay for other out-of-pocket expenses.

As an individual policy, coverage travels with you so you’re covered at work and while volunteering as a healthcare professional.


How it works.


Infected Needlestick Benefit If you experience a needlestick exposure and the patient or source of the exposure is infected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV at the time of the incident then the policy may pay the benefit shown below.

Occupational HIV, Hep B, Hep C Benefits If you test positive for a covered Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV infection within 180 days of a needlestick, blood or bodily fluid exposure incident, then you may qualify for the lump sum benefit.

Felonious Assault Benefit Studies show that 75% of nearly 25,000 workplace assaults occur annually in healthcare settings.*  Some patients react differently to medications, anesthesia or after physical trauma, which may lead to violent outbursts.  If you are a victim of a covered felonious assault and are admitted to a hospital on an inpatient basis, you may receive up to $300/day for up to 10 days. (Maximum number of Felonious Assault Hospital Confinement Benefits per Policy Year: 3)



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Infected NeedleStick $750 $1,250 $2,500
Occupational HIV $90,000 $115,000 $130,000
Occupational Chronic Hepatitis B  $90,000 $115,000 $130,000
Occupational Chronic Hepatitis C $90,000 $115,000 $130,000
Felonious Assault resulting in hospital confinement $250 per overnight stay $300 per overnight stay $300 per overnight stay


  • Occupational Accident Statistics

    • OSHA estimates that 5.6 million healthcare workers are at risk of occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens.1
    • Approximately 385,000 sharps-related injuries are sustained by hospital-based healthcare workers each year; an average of 1,000 per day.2
    • It’s estimated that at least 50% of injuries go unreported.2
    • 41% of injuries occur after use and before disposal of a sharp device; 39% occur during use on a patient.
  • Occupational Accident Costs

    • Treatment costs associated with needlestick injuries can range from $500 to $3,000.2
    • Antiviral treatment for Hep C may cost up to $95,000.3






​This is an Accident Only Policy.


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The insurance described in this document provides limited benefits. Limited benefit plans are insurance products with reduced benefits intended to supplement comprehensive health insurance plans. This insurance is not an alternative to comprehensive coverage. It does not provide major medical or comprehensive medical coverage and is not designed to replace major medical insurance. Further, this insurance is not minimum essential coverage as set forth under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


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